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Start Making More Money and Bigger Profits in 34 Days (or Less) By Sending Less Emails to Fewer People”

It’s a shocking fact that on average only 30% of emails sent, ever get delivered.

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signed, Kevin Polley

Many people who  send emails are caught up in an industry-wide problem and they don’t know it.

Most people don’t realise that 70% of the emails sent by most monthly autoresponder services (and other companies) get blocked, binned, banned.

This means the emails you are sending never have a chance of getting delivered into any mailbox, let alone the primary inbox.

And it doesn’t need to be like this

there are simple things you can do in 34 days or less to make certain the emails you send to your subscribers do get delivered and the profits start coming in

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist.

I expect you’ve tried email marketing and it hasn’t worked or you’re not getting the results you expected or you used to get?

Don’t worry, this time it’s really not your fault – you’re probably using one of the monthly autoresponder services that have dirty secrets they don’t want exposed.

In the image below you’ll see nearly two thirds (in yellow) of emails sent by some of the monthly autoresponder services never get seen by the people they were sent to.

This is because those monthly services are registered as bad or problematic at Real Time Blacklists (RBL Rejected and you suffer as a direct result).

email delivery results aug 2016- oct 2019

What’s worse is that you could also be following outdated advice that will kill your chances of success stone cold dead (if it hasn’t already).

Much of that ‘advice’ you probably learned from marketers who never updated what they told you.

Maybe You’ve Listened To The Following Kind Of Advice In The Past:

“Put up a high converting landing or squeeze page and connect it to your autoresponder.
Capture the email address, send out a welcome or thank you email and then ..
follow up by sending your leads an email every day with a CTA (call to action).

The money is in the list, the more leads you have, the more emails you send, the more money you make.

Keep list building”

That about sums it up, right?

Here’s the truth – That advice or way of thinking is not going to work very well for you anymore !!

Because it is outdated, old, pre-historic.

The laws of email marketing changed.

That ‘process’ and way of thinking about email marketing has been blindly repeated and followed and regurgitated and encouraged by internet marketers since before Google was born.

When you first heard that ‘advice’ it was probably wrapped up in some part of some bonus, or ‘generic’ training supporting a non email-marketing product promoting the ‘latest process’ which told you how to do something else.

That old process, that ‘way’ of email marketing used to work.

The old ‘way’ of email marketing is part of the current problem

The technology changed.

It was accepted and email marketing has been done the old way since, without anyone actually thinking to look and check if the old email sending laws actually still worked. Had advances in technology made things harder or easier?

You could keep trying to build a list and grow your business in that old way but in this digital world of AI it does and will hurt your chances of getting email delivered.

I looked, I checked. I am a data and email delivery technical specialist.

I just happen to also be able to help people sell more things.

That old way of doing email marketing could already be hurting you or holding back your growth.

You don’t need reminding that having no emails being delivered means no open rate which means no clicks .. and no clicks in return means no income

And just because you have some emails being delivered doesn’t mean that your low open rate is normal.

A low open rate means low clicks which means less income.

There is an upside to having low open rates but it’s probably not what you think.

The solution is not to just keep collecting subscribers and sending more emails to keep ‘the numbers’ working.

One of The New Laws of Sending and Receiving emails Introduced New Rules and Capabilities

Take a look at this next dashboard report. It is the global email and spam report for September.

Almost 480 Billion emails were sent.

Only 14.1% made it through the spam filters

spam intelligence report 2019

To Make Sure Your Emails Get Delivered You Should Approach it From a Different Angle

What if I tell you that there are 3 ‘Rules’ and when you follow them in a certain way, it ‘fools’ the servers making your emails 34% more likely to be accepted.

What if there are 3 other ‘Rules’ and when you follow those in a certain way, they also ‘fool’ the servers again making your emails 33% more likely to get delivered.

And there are 3 more ‘Rules’ to follow that make your emails 33% more likely to be engaged with by your readers.

What if I tell you its a fools game to not follow the new rules.

All you need to do is apply a slightly different approach, make a few simple changes to the way you collect and send out emails and you’ll be able to start watching more profits ROLL in.

Most people use an autoresponder to send emails to make more money or start generating some income.

What surprises a lot of people is how easy it is to get caught out by the newest ’email marketing traps’ when I show them.

Most people don’t even consider (let alone know) that the way sending emails works technically changed and is continuing to evolve … and rightly so.

It’s not exactly a sexy topic until I start talking about sustainable improvements and savings somewhere around the 20% marker (vs. expected natural 30% reductions for not taking notice and making the best choice).

Think about this

Most people doing email marketing focus on the money and making money quickly or regularly. Why would they consider how the email gets where they want it to go?

Only a few people know and understand the laws, and technical rules that keep ‘email’ working. …  and rightly so … I’m sure that sounds about as much fun as having root canal surgery at the dentist.

Most people though, will be able to associate thoughts of long, boring meetings and committees … and very slow progress making any changes to something as vital to world commerce and communication.

And most people will understand that there must have been lots of notice and lots of notifications about those impending changes and implementation.

Yet a high percentage of those who did know their data and marketing … and did find out … shrugged their shoulders when the first web-wide ‘digital upgrade’ happened. They decided they could worry about that later …

With hindsight because the laws that marketers were following didn’t change, some marketing practices didn’t need to change.

Lets face  it ..

When was the last time a marketer or sales person altered or changed a winning campaign formula because of something technical that was out of their control and wouldn’t be happening for 3 or 5 years?

The marketers could worry about that later ..

Providing someone remembered to follow-up, it would be .. fine

12 months global email volume to Sep 2019

That time is here now.

The graph above shows you a snapshot of the problem for the 18 months to September 2019.

Spam volumes are increasing and you want to keep the emails you send out to people in the blue band constantly.

The real causes of the problems you face now are obvious once they get pointed out. But they are here now and you have choices to make

People are pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to fix things once you can see what needs fixing and why.

Just make a few small but important changes to how you operate moving forward.

And because pretty much everyone else out there is playing by the old rules you’ll find you suddenly have a natural advantage.

Blasting Out 1000’s of emails Every Day Because You Can Is Not What Makes email Marketing Profitable

Email marketing is not about building a list and blasting out a message to 45937 email addresses saying ‘Buy This’, every day .. or sometimes twice a day.

It’s about trying to help people who are trying to solve a problem by sending them messages they want and expect.

Good email marketers see the benefits of giving their readers a choice.

The Right Way Is Easy, Fun, Helps Build Trust and is VERY Profitable

I know that none of us like change when we’re warm and comfortable. I also know from personal experience that it can become frustrating learning new things and sometimes even scary to have to do or implement some things ..

Let’s get this out of the way …

There is no magic wand that I can wave that will fix or improve the number of clicks your emails get overnight…

But by helping you to see the roots of the problems and the available solutions you will get new profitable options.

You can decide what are the most profitable and best choices for your way of making money using email in the future.

You won’t need to make massive changes overnight. You won’t need to learn a new language or learn how to code or do any scary technical stuff.

When you get ‘email marketing’ right it is the most profitable digital marketing option and has been for years,

On average, according to the DMA, ‘email marketing campaigns’ give a return of £32.28 for every £1 spent.

Below you can see that the ROI (gain for every £1 spent) varies from £1 to £110.

All of these companies have learnt about the new rules and decided to use and stick to them.

DMA ROI 2018

The people and businesses that know and follow the rules make money. How much varies from business to business, campaign to campaign and even from product to product..

You can fix most email delivery problems within 34 days but this is about is helping you to get set up and work with the new rules over the longer term.

The footings you dig out now are what you build your foundations in, using the information and facts you’ll discover.

You’ll start getting noticeably better and stronger results and real benefits in about three months. Simply by comparing your results then with what you are doing now you will see improvements and growth if you keep things consistent.

Remember: You won’t need to learn a new language or learn how to code or do any scary technical stuff.

Before you make any changes you need to know why things are the way they are.  You’ll discover this simply by watching the training videos.

You need to know why some of the practices some people follow are hurting your reputation. Once you know, you can decide which of the new profitable routes you want to take and make things better.

Here Are Just Some Of The Things You’ll Discover

  • Why much of the email marketing industry has a problem.
  • The root cause of the problem and how big it really is.
  • 3 of the new rules that you must follow
  • The single most important thing you should do before sending your email to your list
  • This ‘invisible’ issue that reduces your emails delivery chances by 39%
  • How the wrong type of question means a guaranteed trip to the spam bin
  • How offering a guarantee in the wrong way can reduce your chance of a sale by 53%
  • Why not all ‘Call To Action’ links are created equal and some guarantee a one way trip to the spam bin
  • How silly, easily avoidable mistakes that other marketers (and probably you) are making, force emails into the spam bin so they never get read. – You need to stop doing these.
  • How commercially available spam filters actually work – so you can ‘hack’ the system for extra profit.
  • How to discover the mistakes others make and not make the same mistakes yourself – I teach you how to fish for yourself.

and a few other gems that will give you a much better chance of having your email seen by your contacts and clients which will lead to more sales for you.

What Exactly Do You Get?

You’ll get access to just over 1 hour of fact-filled, over-the-shoulder video training that you can watch online in our exclusive private members area.

There are currently 11, short easy to watch videos that expose the dirty secrets of the monthly autoresponder services and show you what you need to be on the lookout for to avoid the problems others who don’t watch this training will have.

The training will show you how you can do simple things and make simple changes that will significantly increase the number of emails that get delivered.

Getting more emails delivered will lead to more sales!

You need to know these new rules of email marketing. Especially if you not already getting a $32 return for every $1 you spend.

So here’s the deal …

Improving the number of emails that get delivered could add
$1,000, $3,000, $5,000 (or more) to your bank account
… every time you press the send button.

For a one-time $97 payment you give yourself a lifetime of improved email delivery …

AND the profits that come naturally as a result.

Do you want to keep doing things the old way and continue to suffer from from bad email delivery rates and low (or zero) income?

Or …

do you want to know the new rules that will fix your email problems and help you to start making more money?

Join the people using the new rules to their advantage and start getting $30 back for every $1 you spend … every time you send an email

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I have really enjoyed this course, Kevin and learned quite a bit I didn’t know. It’s been genuinely eye-opening and has certainly made me up my email marketing game 🙂

Thank you

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This definitely changes the perspective. And understanding this is really fundamental, now I definitely want to make sure I’m on the right side.
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